European Sociological Association RN29 Midterm Conference September 5-6 2018

The 2018 midterm conference of the ESA Research Network 29 will be held at the Department of Sociology at the Technical University of Berlin from 5th to 6th of September 2018. It is dedicated to the academic exchange among the members of the RN29 "social theory". For this year's conference the overall topic is: "Refigurations of Society. Sociological Perspectives on Modernity in Transition".

On the following pages you will find all the relevant information about the conference, i.e. the call for papers and instructions regarding the submission of contributions.


Further information on the ESA Research Network 29 can be found here.


For further information about the Berlin organizers have a look at our website "General Sociology - Theory of Modern Societies".


The conference will be organized with ConfTool software. Following this link, you can create a user account for the tool and afterwards submit an abstract of your contribution.



Below you will also find the program for the conference.


This link provides information about possible ways to reach the conference's building. If you are looking for information about how to reach Clärchens Ballhaus or the italian restaurant Casa Nostra 2, you may find this link helpful.


The Institute of Sociology is located on the ninth floor of the building displayed above.



Technical University of Berlin

School VI Planning Building Environment

Department of Sociology


Fraunhoferstraße 33-36, FH 9-1

10587 Berlin

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